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Primary Schools

Positive Mindfulness Outcomes for Primary Children

  • Cultivating responsibility, reflection and compassion
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Emotional literacy and behaviour management skills
  • Enhanced resilience and self-efficacy
  • Increased optimism and empathy for others
  • Enhanced happiness and wellbeing
  • Developing a curious, creative mindset

Skills for life

The Next Generation of Positive Primary Education

Creativity and autonomy lie at the heart of the Meditation Capsules Primary Program. This program replaces the old teaching paradigm of ‘doing to’ … to ‘working with’ children. Concepts, activities and practices are designed to literally bring Mindfulness to life, promoting personal inquiry and connecting each child with heart, mind and hands-on discoveries.

– Janet Etty-Leal, Meditation Capsules, Founder

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Discovery based mindful engagement

Discovery based mindful engagement

Age appropriate language, themes, metaphors and stories captivate young bodies and minds!   Relevant, meaningful entry points to explore body systems, the mind and brain, stress and emotions and ways to practice kindness towards the self, others and the world are shared in the program.

A palette of sensory gifts

A palette of sensory gifts

A wide range of simple, inexpensive teaching aids and props create first-hand learning opportunities for children.

Heart, mind and hands-on practices

Heart, mind and hands-on practices

Novel, creative practices foster social and emotional learning. A wide range of simple, practical movements and postures bring opportunities for enjoyable Mindful rituals to build awareness and fully engage every student.

Befriending stillness and silence

Befriending stillness and silence

Simple, enjoyable creative Mindful preparations enable children with resistance to Meditation (including students with ADHD) to discover ways to settle, centre and enjoy being quiet and still and reap the benefits of a meditation practice.

Meditation Capsules

The Program

Meditation Capsules develop the skills needed to maintain a healthy, happy mind. As children progress with these skills, a strong, stable, personal foundation can be built, providing a buffer against mental problems in the future. The simple strategies introduced in Janet’s programs represent self-care capsules. The recommended dosage is moment by moment … day by day.

Relaxation, meditation & self-awareness

To introduce meditation, knowing where we are at moment by moment and begin a process for self-awareness.

Getting to know the body

Developing the skill of proprioception, with awareness of body shapes (alignment, balance and movement) and inner states and sensations.


Awareness of breath

Learn to use breath to calm down, energise and rebalance the body and mind.

Stress: Understanding triggers and responses

Understanding body and mind reaction to stress; the difference between reacting and responding and how to create pauses.

Words and their emotional power

Noticing  how words can both lift spirits and dampen them. To choose words in self-talk and with others that build harmony.

Understanding the senses

Cultivating the power of pausing and understanding the body mind reactions to stress and ways to grow calm, compassionate responses.

The mind: Learning to observe thought

Explore the fascinating dynamics of neural activity and brain functioning and practice observing thoughts.

Creative approaches: Visualisation and imagery

Introducing creative imagery and visual metaphors in meditation to explore personal options for enhancing practice.

Meditation: Deepening the connection

Discover in meditation the comfortable state of being still and silent. Exploring how to extend practice into daily life.

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