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A store of resources, specifically designed for teachers to facilitate mindful classes

‘These resources are designed specifically for schools, as an inexpensive way for teachers to to facilitate a complete mindfulness program with their students. The book ‘Meditation Capsules’ is a ten part program designed for upper primary level. The Audio recordings are guided meditations that support the program in the book. These beautiful audio files can also be used in a stand-alone context. A new book specific to Early Learning is due to be launched in mid 2018. For extra support Janet’s Quarterly Workshop, held in Melbourne, assists adults to establish a foundational understanding  of how to facilitate the children’s program.

Meditation Capsules Teacher Training Workshop

Mindfulness practices bring all kinds of powerful benefits to staff, students, classrooms and school communities. Opportunities to address teacher wellbeing needs as well as ways for students to build focus, regulate emotions and prepare bodies and minds for learning.

Meditation Capsules programs explain where and how to start with simple, practical hands-on ways to sharpen attention, retune bodies and reset brains for harmonious classrooms and optimal outcomes. Build a tool kit of engaging, creative Mindful bite-sized classroom strategies for daily application:

    • ‘Book End’ the day: Mindful greeting and farewells
    • Opportunities to refocus and refresh attention
    • Portals of transition: practices to segue into new activities
    • Dovetail with curriculum
    • Creative ways to connect to the senses and embrace all learning styles


Content Includes:

  • Understanding the mind: an introduction to neuroscience
  • Cultivating present moment awareness
  • Replacing unconscious reactions with conscious choices and responses
  • Creative Heart, Mind and Hands- on Practices to connect to the senses and engage all learning styles

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