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Book :: Meditation Capsules: A Mindfulness Program for Children

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‘Meditation Capsules:  A Mindfulness Program for Children’ provides all the resources needed for adults to begin teaching children the life skills of Mindful Meditation.

The book includes detailed information, clear instructions and creative ways to engage children to develop self awareness.  Includes a complimentary audio CD of guided meditations.

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‘Meditation Capsules:  A Mindfulness Program for Children’ provides all the resources needed for adults to begin teaching children the life skills of Mindful Meditation.

The book includes detailed information, clear instructions and creative ways to engage children to develop self awareness.  Includes a complimentary audio CD of guided meditations.

Just as space capsules allow for exploration and discovery in outer space, “meditation capsules” allow for discovery in inner space! Simple strategies for learning to meditate represent self-care capsules that allow individuals to develop and maintain a healthy, happy mind. The recommended dosage is moment by moment … day by day.
This manual provides a practical resource for adults who wish to teach children the skills of mindful meditation. It outlines a comprehensive program designed for classroom use, ideally with students at upper primary school level. But the lessons can readily be adapted to suit children of all ages, and the book will provide a helpful guide for parents, youth leaders, social workers and therapists – anyone who has an interest in teaching meditation or the enthusiasm to help children master meditation as a powerful personal tool.
Foreword by Dr Craig Hassed

9 reviews for Book :: Meditation Capsules: A Mindfulness Program for Children

  1. midge

    Jane – June 13, 2014

    Sincere thank you to Janet Etty-Leal and her Mediation Capsules!
    Janet’s wonderful book has assisted with a profound change in our family, providing us with invaluable mindfulness skills for all we encounter in life. We have gone from a chaotic, fragmented and stressful environment to one of calm, happiness and unity. Her techniques and workshops are creative, simple to follow and purely inspirational. In every word, I felt enveloped by a constant feeling of compassion and kindness from Janet to assist me along the way. This is a must have book for every family. Again thank you.

  2. midge

    Wayne Davis – June 13, 2014

    For any school wanting to introduce Mindfulness Meditation (and you must, because our kids need it), Meditation Capsules is the absolute starting point. It is researched, structured, and accessible for all inductees. It won me over instantly. We have a fully inclusive Mindfulness Meditation program embedded in our curriculum at Bentleigh Secondary College thanks to Janet and her first book. Buy it and read it and practice Mindfulness with confidence.

  3. midge

    Elisa Rough – June 13, 2014

    Janet’s book Meditation Capsules is an invaluable resource in my paediatric consulting room, used on an almost daily basis. I highly recommend it for families and schools. The mindfulness techniques demonstrated are most helpful for emotional regulation, learning, and attention and concentration not to mention being good fun!

  4. midge

    Deborah Roberts – July 3, 2014

    As a children’s yoga teacher, I am inspired by people like Janet who have dedicated much of their lives to improving children’s lives and who also practice what they teach!

    Meditation Capsules is a perfect book for yoga teachers who are wanting to expand their repertoire of ideas for teaching mindfulness and meditation. In a very organised manner, Janet relays her years of experience teaching meditation to children and offers time-tested ideas for children to experience stillness amidst a chaotic world.

  5. midge

    Nicole Albrecht – July 4, 2014

    Meditation Capsules is designed to suit a range of ages from four to eighteen years of age. The book will assist adults in mastering the art of teaching mindfulness to children. However, importantly teachers do not need to be meditation junkies or yoga gurus to successfully understand and implement the techniques.

    One of the greatest strengths of the book is that it is presented in a familiar lesson-style format that teachers can readily grasp and put into action. Other texts in this genre, which are usually not written by teachers, often, take weeks if not months to decipher and perhaps leave the novice MindBody Wellness practitioner confused and quickly abandoning the hope of teaching these techniques in the classroom.

    The program is presented through ’10 Capsules” which explore a wide range of MindBody Wellness techniques from walking meditation to deepening and discovering a child’s connection with quiet inner peace.

    Each session starts with an introduction that sets the scene for technique being imparted. The main goals for the session are then outlined together with a list of props and resources that may aid learning. The teacher is then given step by step instructions on how to lead the lesson. Scripts are provided, with many recorded on the accompanying CD – allowing the teacher also relax and meditate with his or her students.
    This tried and tested program has the potential to bring harmony and well-being to the classroom.

  6. midge

    Emma Mestitz – July 7, 2014

    The incredible work that Janet has done working with young people with intellectual disabilities and learning differences doesn’t end when she leaves the schools. Her book, Meditation Capsules, is an accessible and invaluable resource for teaching staff, allowing them to continue with Mindfulness practices on a daily basis. Each chapter, or “Capsule” is well structured, with clear instructions and aims and practical, achievable class activities. I highly recommend Mediation Capsules for anyone interested in introducing Mindfulness to young people of all abilities.

  7. midge

    John Hendry – July 11, 2014

    To put it simply, Janet’s Meditation Capsules, is essential to education. Mindfulness with children enriches and deepens awareness of themselves and their world and establishes for them the capacity to learn to control their attention. Peace of mind results. Janet’s contribution to education has significant potential and the young are primed to benefit from mindfulness. Parents and teachers should capture this readiness with ferver. Children love to meditate. Every family, Early Childhood Centre and School should have Meditation Capsules.

  8. midge

    Amina Kuby – July 14, 2014

    For people in search of an easy-to-use yet thoughtful and detailed mindfulness program for young people, Janet’s book is exactly right. “Meditation Capsules” guided me and other mindfulness facilitators through many after-school mindfulness groups with 12 to 14-year olds at several schools in Perth. It was equally appreciated by facilitators and students. Such a fun and inspiring book!

  9. midge

    Bill Liston – July 14, 2014

    We have been using Janet’s Meditation Capsules for many years. It takes away all the guess work for staff and makes implementing a meditation program in the school a lot easier. The CD is made use of by all staff on a regular basis. Janet trialled all of these capsule

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