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“Janet’s sessions are truly inspired and heartfelt. She marries the science and soul of mindfulness beautifully through engaging and interactive activities. Her sessions are perfectly targeted to the needs of the group and her heart is even bigger than the oversized craft heart she brings along with her.”

Bree Harris

Head of Positive Education/Student Leadership, MacLeod College, Melbourne

“As a Prep to Year Twelve School teaching mindfulness and wellbeing can be overwhelming and it was wonderful to have Janet work with our staff, our students and our parents over several days.  Running targeted and age specific workshops and seminars, our students were introduced to the concept of Mindfulness and the important of hitting the ‘pause’ button each and every day, through simple, effective and straightforward sessions. With the use of props, engaging and practical activities, students, staff and parents were able to explore meditation and mindful strategies, learn how to balance neural activity to enhance executive function, and discover how we can literally change our ‘shape’, our mind and subsequently our reactions.  Janet’s expertise was invaluable and the College has been able to clearly develop wellbeing practices with Mindfulness at its core.  Thank you Janet and we look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.”

Lucy Bett

Registrar, Cathedral College, Wangaratta